Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Having a healthy pelvic floor is an important part of the life you deserve. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled, or how embarrassing your concerns may feel, we can help.

You should be able to sit, stand, run, jump, play and parent without pain and discomfort! Don’t settle for wearing pads to get through your day or put up with bladder leakage. You should feel strong and capable in your body.

You can regain control and function to live your everyday life.

Come see us if you have:

Incontinence – urinary or fecal/bowel

You don’t have to plan around where the toilets are anymore. You should have the freedom to go to the store, exercise and take long road trips again without having to wear pads or worry about leakage. We can help you get there.


Constipation is the pelvic floor’s worst enemy and laxatives are not a long-term solution. You don’t have to strain, or live with a swollen abdomen or sore back anymore. Being regular again without medication is within your reach!

Pelvic organ prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when organs descend from their normal position within the pelvis.  Sometimes things feel wrong, like something is falling out of your vagina, or you feel a heaviness in your vagina or rectum. Sometimes there is pain or discomfort. Prolapse is common for many women, but you don’t have to be bothered by it or suffer.

ANY pelvic or sexual pain

It’s NOT all in your head. Pain can be complex, but we want to help you with the detective work. We can help you solve your pain puzzle!  Movement, exercise and sex should not hurt. Everyone deserves intimacy and to feel well in their body.

Lower back or hip pain

Does carrying your children or your groceries feel impossible? Pain in your back or hips can be related to what’s happening with your pelvic floor muscles too – they all work together as a team. Let our experts help you restore your function.

Pre + Post Natal Physiotherapy

Prepare for childbirth and feel good during pregnancy

If there’s an ideal time to start talking about your pelvic floor, it’s pre-conception or during pregnancy.

These are amazing events, but pregnancy and childbirth are the greatest risk factors for pelvic floor dysfunction. Up to 1/2 of all women experience pelvic floor issues at some point in their lives after having a baby.

Empower yourself by getting to know your individual pelvic anatomy. Take a Birth Better class to gain the knowledge and hands-on skills you need to:

  • Stay strong safely during pregnancy
  • Help shorten your labour
  • Lower your pain intensity
  • Lower your risk of perineal tears/injury.

Feel strong, confident and prepared for the birth of your baby.

*Online classes or 1-on-1 sessions available during COVID

Get answers to common questions about childbirth. Learn IF you should do perineal massage … and all about how, when, where and why you should do it.

Pregnancy causing you pain and discomfort?

Pelvic girdle pain, pubic bone pain, or pain in your lower back and tailbone are all common concerns in pregnancy, but you don’t have to suffer with them. Don’t put up with a leaky bladder either. Come see us.

Find healing after birth

Don’t accept the answer, “You’ve had a baby… this is how it is now.” Your body created life. It is worthy of feeling strong, capable and healthy. Healthy mothers and parents raise healthy children and families.

Come see us if you have:


Even a small amount of leaking after exercise, coughing, sneezing or laughing is bothersome. So is feeling like you can’t make it to the bathroom in time. Both are common! But you don’t have to live with them, nor should you stop doing the things you love. Come see us.

Diastasis recti

During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles (aka the ‘6-pack’) separate to accommodate baby. Sometimes a larger separation persists after birth. If you lift your head while lying on your back and see a doming on your belly, you may have diastasis. If you don’t feel as strong as you would like to in your core, physio can help.

Back/Pelvis pain

You need to carry around your baby, bucket seat and more with a strong core – and this includes your back. Don’t suffer with debilitating or bothersome back or pelvis pain just to function. The jobs of motherhood and parenting are physically demanding – we want to help you do all the things you want and need to do, pain fee.

Caesarean section scars, perineal tears/injuries, birth trauma

It’s really hard to start off your parenting journey with pain and discomfort. Get the support you need to recover from birth. Your body deserves to heal well. Let us help you feel strong and confident in your body, and for any future pregnancies and births too. 

Pediatric Pelvic Physiotherapy

Is your child suffering because of incontinence or painful constipation? Is your family suffering? These challenges can have an enormous impact on both your child’s quality of life and your family’s.

Childhood bladder leakage or “accidents” can be beyond bothersome. Bed-wetting can disrupt an entire family’s night sleep. Or perhaps it just feels like there are way too many bathroom visits every day.

Ongoing constipation can hurt too.

Let’s get to the bottom of all of it.

Whether this is a new concern or a long and frustrating journey, we want to help.

We take the time that your child and your family needs to get comfortable and feel safe.

Your child can experience life at school and play without suffering or shame.

Physiotherapy for Persistent Pain

Are you in pain and suffering?

No two people are exactly alike in their pain. We believe you when you tell us what YOU feel in your pelvis, back, legs, knees, feet or any other part of your body that’s keeping you from even getting a good night’s rest.

We have good news too: Pain is changeable. We want to help you move with more ease, and help you have more control over your pain.

You don’t have to do this alone, we can help.

Take comfort. There’s healing for you here.

Physiotherapy for Runners

You’ve likely experienced the ache or the burn from a good training session, but what happens when pain lingers? Has pain cropped up that just won’t go away with rest? Have you had to limit your runs or stop running altogether?

We understand running is part of your lifestyle and your passion. The good news is we love it too, and you don’t have to give it up.

Come see us for:
  • Pain any time or anywhere in your body when you run
  • Muscle injuries and tears
  • Chronic overuse injuries

You’ll also come away knowing your body better, with advice you can use to take care of yourself and to help prevent future injury.

Get back on the trail and finish pain-free.

Book An Appointment with our talented team today!

Client Testimonials

I am so thankful for the care I received. I had treatment in my early postpartum days that helped me to feel more like myself. I felt safe and comfortable to share anything and everything that was going on down there.

I also returned later postpartum as my body had changed and I wanted to be more active returning to sports and running longer distances and again, was so grateful for the treatment because it has been a big part of me feeling comfortable returning to those activities that I love and just feeling great in my everyday life.”


I felt that my WHOLE health was considered to guide my treatment plan. Mandy and Michelle were both thorough, kind and shared a wealth of information during my visits. I was given reasonable and achievable outcomes during my treatment and consistently felt cared for, listened to and supported.

Both of these women care deeply for their craft and are passionate about women’s health. Every visit, I learned more, and felt that the profound experience and knowledge base that my physiotherapists had added greatly to my success and understanding of my progress.

The investment that I felt Mandy and Michelle had in me made me feel not only valued as a client, but as a friend.”