It’s time for another Minute With Mandy!  But fair warning – this one is about 7 minutes 😉
Today’s topic is PESSARIES.  Do you know what a pessary is?
In case you don’t, I will give you a very brief intro:  pessaries are a mechanical device (typically made of silicone) that aid in the conservative management of pelvic organ prolapse.  What’s pelvic organ prolapse (POP)?  Well, watch the video below to find that out too.  And don’t forget – conservative options pair beautifully with physio! (And seriously, let’s try and avoid surgery unless its absolutely necessary).
Even I have a pessary.  I find it’s an essential piece of the puzzle for managing my own prolapse better, which was #2 on my 18 for 2018.
To pique your interest a little further, here are some cool interesting facts about the history pessaries:
“Ancient Egyptians were the first pessary users and describe POP in their scriptures. ‘Pessary’ also appears in Greek and Latin literature. Hippocrates described using half a pomegranate inserted into the vagina for POP. Pompeii yielded a bronze, cone-shaped pessary, which was presumably fastened around a woman’s waist to prevent dislodgement.”  -Excerpt taken from this article by Dr. Bernadette Brown and Dr. John Short.
And now, on to the video!  Watch to see what pessaries look like and why I like them.


And as promised, here’s that article that provides a great reference for starting to learn about pessaries: check it out here.
Do you know someone who might benefit from a pessary?  Share this blog – spread some love for the pelvis! 🙂

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