Uterus Pelvis Pregnancy Prolapse



In today’s Minute With Mandy I’m bringing you some geeky anatomy info on the LIGAMENTS OF THE UTERUS.  Why?  Because the uterus is SUPER 😍 😍 😍 and we should all know more about it!

Yes, the uterus is super – but the uterine ligaments are also super.  They are directly involved in the miraculous physiological event of pregnancy, and in the not-so-miraculous trouble of prolapse. It’s actually remarkable to consider the changes that the uterus and its ligaments need to undergo in terms of stretching and adapting when it comes to growing a baby (hello hormones!), but also in how they shrink back and approximate the shape they started in. This is a big deal simply because of the huge quantity of change they experience, but also because ligaments are one of the support systems for your pelvic organs.  Ligamentous connective tissue helps to maintain the position of the uterus within the abdominal canister.  This support is really important when thinking about prolapse.  Check out the video below to learn more 🙂